Reluctant Geisha

Seriously, your grandmother can read this and not be embarrassed. It's not -exactly- what you think it is.

3. 6. 5. 09:07:2009

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Almost a year ago today I was busy doing the work of a prostitute.



Asexual Sexuality or “Who Am I?” 09:03:2009

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Notes: I’d pass you one but I think the substitute will take it and read it in front of everyone. I hate that.



THEY’RE ALL HUGE! – a throwback 08:31:2009

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Music: I Drove All Night – Celine Dion
Notes: You got something to say, put it in the comments, I don’t check my email enough for all of that. Please. <sweet smile> <blinks a lot> … No, there isn’t anything in my eye. [Did I open the door right up for that one?]



SpeedDemon 08:29:2009

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I stumbled onto a tweet today – something about “fiber for all” and as my faithful 8 readers (and countless – but still appreciated – hordes of anonymous visitors) know, I am the twin sister of a cute little monkey named Inquisitive Jacob (we’re cousins of the other monkey.  You know who I’m talking about).


Obsessed 08:27:2009

How many times in a given hour do you think about sex?



Prostitute 08:24:2009

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“Some people want it all, but I don’t want nothing at all – if it aint you, baby.” – Alicia Keys



FYL sir, F**K… Your… Life.

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From a recent “chat” I had on yahoo:

SF: i want you know know something